How We Help

Extend our community of hope to families who, like us, are suffering through the indescribable pain of losing a child

· Meet the family
· Assist with immediate needs
· Provide advocacy services
· Funeral Service Advisor

Offer financial assistance to ease the unexpected hardship associated with the loss of a child

· Help cover funeral costs and related expenses
· Provide GoFundMe fundraising with no fee

Celebrate the life of each indi-vidual child in a way to remem-ber, honor and find comfort in their life well lived

· Memorializing
· Family & community events

Provide a network of professional services and support care with discounted fees

· Therapists
· Pastoral services
· Grocery delivery
· Meal coordination
· Funeral, legal & financial advisors

Continuous support through the journey of grief without limits of time

· Networking with Like-Hearted families
· Attend events
· Find fellowship and peace with others who understand
· Share your story