Ashes Memorial

Ashes InFused Glass Cremation Art Service

Joele Williams

Joele Williams (pronounced Joe-Lee) is a professional artist, art teacher & Mom. She is a veteran glass artist and fused glass teacher with more than 17 years of experience in kiln formed glass. She began working with cremation ash when a friend’s father passed and he asked if she could make him something with ashes. She was amazed at what a challenge it was to work with the ashes and spent over 3 years studying cremation ash and its effects inside kiln formed glass by offering her service for free to family and friends.

After her Mom passed away, she felt her calling me to make this cremation art available to the public. Some of the things you see in her shop are creations she has made for her mom, for her family, for her friends and herself. She says she “feels very connected to spirit and all of my paintings and fused glass art are a reflection of that connection. I am always gentle and respectful of spirit when I infuse ashes into my art and try to connect to each client. As a Teacher and Professional Artist I put my experience and total loving energy into every work of art no matter how small. I love what I do and will spend the rest of my life connecting to my creative spirit. Connecting to my inner Consciousness. Connecting to spirit. Conscious art is about pure awareness. Consciousness can be aware of anything, including itself. It is found only in living entities, and therefore it is the source of the living force. Energy at it’s essence. We are all made from this. Energy never dies, it simply transforms.”

Close By Me Jewelry

Gina Murphy & Team

Close By Me Jewelry was officially founded in 2013; however, the idea behind this business was formed long before that. Always cherishing the heartfelt moments in life, Gina Murphy found a way to preserve the precious gifts of seashells her sons collected by making them into wearable pieces of art. When a close friend of hers lost their grandmother and wanted a way to keep her ashes with them at all times, Gina was inspired to create a solution for not only her friend, but everyone else experiencing the deep aching of grief — and thus, Close By Me was born. Having lost her mother at age 17 and father at age 25, Gina understood the longing to have a tangible reminder of a lost loved one always within reach; not being able to have this of her own, she finds healing in each and every piece of cremation jewelry she makes for others. With a patented process that showcases the natural color of the ashes and a myriad of thoughtfully curated and developed designs, Close By Me Jewelry is unlike any other cremation jewelry. But more importantly, with an emphasis on consistent, compassionate, and transparent customer service and a small, dedicated team that share Gina’s passion for honoring the unique connections and individuals that make life so beautiful, Close By Me is truly unlike any other business.