Child Caskets

Titan Casket Company is proud to support the Brandon Tolson Foundation and recognizes the importance of providing comfort to those who have experienced the tragedy of burying a loved one. With a wide range of caskets available, including eco-friendly and personalized options, Titan Casket Company is committed to making the process of purchasing a casket as stress-free as possible and provides high-quality caskets for families during difficult times. If interested in their products, please reach out to our Foundation as we will help facilitate the order at a discount and without tax.

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At New Melleray Abbey, the monks view the crafting of child caskets as a corporal work of mercy, and a way to bring some small measure of comfort to families who bear the tragedy of burying a child. The donation of child caskets to families is an important ministry of the monks of New Melleray Abbey. The monks feel this is a small way to touch the lives of people in the outside world, while remaining true to their vocation.

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