Board Members

BTF Board at our 2023 Bull & Shrimp Roast

Pictured left to right

Rich Blood, Zach Long, Katie Nuce, Candi Tolson, Jon Tolson, Pam Long, Geri Riley, Stew Riley, Lisa Tolson & Beth Tolson

All of our members bring a piece of Brandon in some way to the foundation. They all have our deepest trust and graciousness and they believe in our mission. Further down the road we hope to pass the foundation down to our younger generation of fellow Brandon lovers and friends. We believe that we all share the important component of helping others out of a deep love for us and for Brandon.
Board of Directors

Pam Long

Executive Director

Pam was invited to be on the board as an original member because of our bond through our son’s friendship. She brings her previous board experiences and her way with checks, balances and finances. She was initially our Treasurer and is now our Executive Director and is our master of all things needing to get done. She is our backbone.

Candi Tolson


Candi is firstly Brandon’s mom and president of the foundation. default may best describe her position but also her passion for recreating Brandon’s fingerprints and mirroring Brandon’s ways by helping others.

Jonathan Tolson

Vice President

Jon is firstly the father of Brandon and secondly the assistant to his wife and president, Candi. His gift is his constant vision of what BTF looks like in 5 years.

Beth Tolson


Beth is our Secretary and our sister-in-law. She was invited to be on the board as an original member knowing she was capable of the organization and administrative skills but also because of her sincerity in helping Jon and I heal and remember Brandon through good deeds and giving to others.

Zach Long


Zach was recently invited to be our new Treasurer. He was one of Brandon’s best friends and has wanted to join our Board for some time. As a CPA with experience auditing non-profit organizations, he now brings his accounting skills and navigation of our finances to the body.

Board Members

Geri and Stew Riley

Geri and Stew were imperative to being on our board due to our mutual friendship coupled with their son being one of Brandon’s best friends. They fill our need to have folks who are truly vested in keeping Brandon’s Legacy alive and also true friends who actively make sure Jon and I continue healing. They are multifaceted in what they bring, how they volunteer and how they gently bring the necessary devil’s advocate to the table.

Lisa Tolson

Lisa was invited to be a part of our board not only to represent the Tolson family but also because of her knowledge and experience in human resources.

Katie Nuce

Katie is also one of our original board members chosen for her special connection with Brandon and our family. She brings phenomenal skill in graphic design as she creates all of our necessary logos and and is now partnering with our social media person.

Rich Blood

Rich was recently added to our board. He is one of our bereaved parents and so, he represents all of our grieving parents. He brings loyalty, friendship and innovation to our foundation.